Youth Ministry
 Led By: Tamara M. Yancy, M.S. and Melissa Sanford, M.S.
 Contact Email:
 Contact Phone: (334) 826-0454


A Message from MVMBC Youth Directors
Melissa Sanford and
Tamara Michelle Yancy

John C. Maxwell is quoted for saying "People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care." Bearing this tidbit of wisdom in mind, we have revamped the structure and methods of our youth ministry. Our theme for the youth ministry is “No Excuses”! That means we’re committed to doing whatever it takes to positively impact this generation of students, train them up, and empower them for the journey ahead. We are committed to creating an atmosphere where not only their spiritual needs will be met, but also their social, economical, emotional, and physical needs as well.

In today’s society, we realize that our kids and young adults are crying out for authentic love and going down dangerous paths in pursuit of it. The bible declares, “Love never fails,” thus we will embrace them and fill their lives with authentic love and acceptance. We realize that the settings and the environment has changed but the core issues that our kids face are exactly the same ones we faced 10, 15, or 20 years ago. Thus, our calling is not just to our kids but to the family that they are attached to. We have the most incredible gift --the never ceasing love of our Lord and Savior - to share with them without making it seem as a death walk to come to church. Parents, our goal is to equip them but have FUN in the process. Many things are planned but we want to hear ideas from you. Keep in mind that our youth ministry is only as successful as the support, cooperation, and interest given to it.