Funerals & Death

I am the resurrection and the life.  He who believes in me will live, even though he dies, and whoever lives and believes in me will never die.  (John 11:25-26) 

Pastor Thomas Brown and the Mt. Vernon church family join you as you grieve the loss of your loved one. To assure that we accommodate the needs of the family please use the following guidelines:


1. Talk to family members and decide on a representative for the family to be the spokesperson.

2. Immediately, the appointed spokesperson should contact the church (334) 826-0454; Deacon James Allen (334) 744-0094; Pastor Thomas Brown (334) 328-5930 - send a text message if there is no answer; or Sis. Gloria Reese (334) 734-3569.  Or click HERE to alert church leaders of your loss.

2. Meet or talk with the Deacon or Pastor before making final arrangements with the funeral home.  

3. Understand that no Mt. Vernon Baptist Church Ministry or member can make any final plans for the Homegoing service, burial, or repast without clearance from the Pastor or his designee.  



Date/Time of Funeral

It is preferred that all funerals begin  between 11:00 am and 3:00 pm during week days; Avoiding Wednesdays due to regularly scheduled AA meetings and mid-week worship service.  Pastor Brown will preach all eulogies when he is available.  Other arrangements must be approved by Pastor Brown.



If the deceased is a member of Mt. Vernon Baptist Church and is in good standing, he/she are eligible for certain benefits. Please contact Sis. Gloria Reese if your family is interested in reserving the Fellowship Hall for a repast meal and to find out what support the church can offer. Please keep in mind that the repast service is the responsibility of the family - the church offers support. If the deceased is not a member of Mt. Vernon, the family is entirely responsible for the repast service but may ask for assistance if needed. Also, please remember that members are generally asked to volunteer to assist with the repast service.

Costs to the Family

Please refer to the Burial Policy for fees and how they apply to your deceased family member. In general, a tithing member (10%) owes no fees to the church. There is a fee for the Pastor and the musician, if they are available. The fees at the church (plot & expenses) are separate from funeral expenses incurred with the Funeral Home. Please check on the status of your loved one and don't make assumptions that your loved one is in good standing and always ask questions if you need clarification.


Mt. Vernon Baptist Church
Cemetery, Eulogy and Repast Policy

NON ACTIVE/NON MEMBERS - will pay $1200.00 to be buried in the church cemetery; a $100.00 fee applies if Eulogy is done by Pastor Brown; a $150.00 fee for the use of the fellowship hall and kitchen. (Fellowship hall and kitchen should be left in the order in which you found it.)

ACTIVE MEMBERS - and the children age 25 and under (at death) will be buried in the church cemetery - FREE. (An active member is a person who has contributed to the financial upkeep of the church a minimum of $20.00 weekly, one year prior to burial.) Eulogy is free if done by Pastor Brown, FREE use of the Fellowship Hall and kitchen. FREE clean up. (FREE means that the church cover these expenses.)

Pastor Brown will perform all Eulogies unless he approves otherwise.

***Members who bought cemetery spots years ago (prior to 1940) will not be affected by this policy change. Members should be prepared to provide paperwork to support the prior exchange.

Special circumstances will be considered on an individual basis. A determination will be rendered by the Joint Board. (Deacons and Trustees)***

Effective: January 01, 2010

Please use this as a guideline and contact church leadership for current policy.