Gloria D. Reese, Director
To develop, facilitate, manage and monitor all the church’s finances to ensure that all operations are
processed and reported accurately with integrity.

Counsel, guide and advise the staff and church in the use and management of all financial
resources of Mt Vernon Baptist Church and all of its ministries. Ensure that adequate internal financial
controls are in place to safeguard the church’s financial resources and to protect the reputation of the
staff and Mt. Vernon Baptist Church.
Without counsel, plans go awry. But in the multitude of counselors they are established. Prov. 15:22

MEETING SCHEDULE - Finance committee- weekly; Budget committee- quarterly- April, July, October, January

Overall Goals-
Insure financial status is accurate and up to date.
Provide financial records.
Protect financial interest of entire church.
Ensure that financial records can withstand audit.
Finance and Benevolence -
The finance committee is responsible for counting, depositing, documenting and reporting church profit and loss. This team will manage all business transactions to assure we are handling business matters in a Christian yet professional manner. This team must be made up of members who are discrete when dealing with delicate and confidential matters.
Budget Committee-
The Budget Committee monitors the current budget and prepares and presents an annual budget for
the church to the governing board(s).