The other day while flipping through the channels, I paused on BET. It was a Ludacris video. I laughed as I thought of my teenage niece who had a huge crush on Ludacris. I saw Ludacris the other day on another show and he's had an extreme makeover - he looked a little nerdy in fact. I thought, here's another lewd video. I actually took time to listen to "Runaway Love - featuring Mary J Blige" and I was floored. I'm including the lyrics in this post and want to know what others think about this song. I felt that many teenage girls can relate to the lyrics in this song. However, the song's lyrics don't help the girls with a way out - other than to simply run away. I think that it's important for parents to step outside of their comfort zone and actually listen to what their kids are submersing themselves into. This song opens a door - a very real door to what is going on in this world right now. We as a church need to reach out to the little Lisas, Nicoles and Ericas of our world and introduce them to the One who can save and protect them.