Some days the road once traveled is a saddened trail,

Some days it's roses and it feels so good just to be alive.

Some days we feel like no one is out there who cares,

And you are the only one left to pick up the broken pieces life has left you to deal with.

Love can be such a wondrous thing and it can also hurt like a thorn, pricking every feeling and emotion left inside you.

Sometimes love just stinks and other times it make one feel warm and tingly inside.

When the love is gone......

The hurt begins for one or both

Someone always gets hurt in the end

Two hearts beating as one.....

Two hearts now broken apart.

As the story goes,

I found myself falling in love, and now I find myself falling apart.

Love can be grand.......

It can also tear you apart until you feel like you can't go on.

You left when I needed you the most....

But I am strong and I will mend and fall in love all over again.

Bonnie Carnahan